Expanding expertise, exceeding expectation.

Organising knowledge, transactions and interactions.

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To best serve our customers in the EMEA region, we are continually expanding our expertise, to meet and exceed their needs and expectations. We will help customers to manage their Information Capital and convert today's knowledge into tomorrow’s success. In the EMEA region we will work with customers to organise knowledge, transactions and interactions. We are providing technology and transformation services making business processes fluid and seamless, enhancing customers’ productivity and profitability.

As a global provider of technology that transforms business processes and document and information management, Gestetner, a Ricoh Family Group brand helps businesses be more productive and profitable. Over recent years and through a series of strategic acquisitions, we are a service-oriented company, providing solutions through our expertise in our four core capabilities: Managed Document Services, Production Printing, Office Solutions and IT Services. No matter where we are in the world, or what industry our customers are in, we have the global reach to support our customers in achieving their business goals.

Working with our customers, we adopt an end-to-end approach to improve and manage their document heavy processes. We also help businesses manage internal change as new document management systems are introduced.

The end result? Business processes are more profitable, productive, sustainable and secure. We achieve this through our core capabilities in:

  • Managed Document Services

  • Production Printing

  • Office Solutions

  • IT Services

Learn more about what we offer here:

Managed Document Services
IT Services
Office Workflow Solutions

Ricoh Europe Core Capabilites Brochure


We believe that the customers’ ambitions are paramount and that they can be achieved - and surpassed - through the application of knowledge.?

We believe in adding value to the customers’ services, products and ways of working: greater efficiency benefits us all, individually and mutually.

We believe in harmonising with the environment, in simplifying life and work and supporting knowledge management.

Ultimately we believe that the environment, life and work are indivisible and that one cannot be considered without also respecting the others.?

Our research and development is also driven by our commitment to supporting customers’ wider business challenges.? We are investing up to 6% of annual revenue in research and development each year, focusing on technologies that support future work styles, and make it easier for businesses to access and share information.?

Ricoh’s research and development focus areas are:

  • Environment: contributing to a more sustainable society at every stage in a product’s life cycle e.g. use of biomass-based plastic materials.

  • Office solutions

  • Printing

  • Imaging/devices

For a review of the key economic, social and environmental issues presented by Ricoh Europe, read: Ricoh Europe Sustainability Report 2010


Gestetner?has a proud history of successfully predicting and fulfilling market needs, along with continually raising standards in technical quality, workflow efficiency and environmental awareness and sustainability. Just some of our achievements include:

  • Only document management company member of EFQM; Board Member in recognition among European leaders for world-class approach in integrating sustainability as an inherent part of Business Excellence

  • December 2010 Ricoh Germany wins Ludwig Erhard Preis Award for business excellence

  • August 2010 Buyers Laboratories ‘Outstanding Achievement’ Award for most energy efficient printer models

  • July 2010 Ricoh receives 5-Star Excellence Award from EFQM

  • December 2009 Colour Printer Line of the Year Award from Buyers Laboratories

  • October 2009 UK Excellence Award and Gold Medal from British Quality Foundation

  • December 2007 Ricoh wins ‘Outstanding Printer Line of the Year’ Award from Buyers Laboratories

  • September 2006 New benchmark for High Street production and host printing with launch of Aficio SP 9100DN

  • June 2006 Ricoh Europe BV, with Genius Bytes, wins Duke’s Choice Award in Secure Printing Services

  • July 2005 Pick of the Year Awards for Ricoh’s Aficio 1515MF and Aficio 2018D

  • May 2004 Ricoh Europe BV receives CompTIA?CDIA+? Achievement Award

See more of our awards here.?

A leader in the document management and solutions business, Ricoh International offers a full range of solutions, services and products through its?4 sales brands - Ricoh, Nashuatec, Gestetner and Rex Rotary. Ricoh cutting-edge IT based hardware and software solutions are combined with a range of Business and Professional Services by each distributor partner.

Based in the Netherlands, Ricoh International operates through an international distributor partner network. Represented in over 90 countries, distributor partners offer total document life cycle management across Europe, Middle East, Africa, and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).?

The Ricoh International and distributor partners unite under four key elements:

1.Be close to our customers, provide valuable solutions and improve their productivity

2.Maximize market share while achieving superior financial performance

3.Create a vibrant multinational, multicultural, quality led, networked organization

4.Be a socially responsible corporate citizen, recognized for leadership in protecting the environment

Ricoh’s business model focuses on constant innovation to provide our customers with value adding business solutions. Our document solutions and services help our clients to increase productivity and reduce costs. Ricoh’s energy efficient devices and software solutions help reduce electricity, toner and paper usage, features that have been important in helping EMEA countries business trim the cost of everyday expenses.

Our Aim:

We want to be the value adding partner of choice, helping our distributors to grow their business by offering innovative products, processes, solutions and services

Our Purpose:

Constantly create value for our partners, by developing our people and utilizing the right resources. With an aligned vision, grow our businesses by improving information exchange and focused execution.


Ricoh International selects quality partners for the delivery of solutions, services and product to the customer. Within our Preferred Partner Network we tailored our support to each individual distributor partner and their local market needs. Working in partnership delivers mutual benefits - trust, respect and shared reward. Together we provide professional support and innovative technologies to respond quickly and effectively to customers requirements.

If you would like to register as a distributor partner as a valued part of our network, please contact netmaster@ricoh-int.eu

Here are the secure access links to our exclusive distributor partner tools:

Partner Portal
Cerberus Support Center

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